MANTRA Training Platform

The online MANTRA training platform is currently in development. If you wish, you can register your interest for when the training goes live.

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The online MANTRA training platform will take you through the core components of MANTRA. It describes and illustrates the treatment in detail and includes interactive examples of core treatment components. There are video ‘top tips’ from experienced MANTRA therapists and video illustrations of different MANTRA techniques and exercises.

There are 10 core modules and we recommend allowing approximately 1 hour per module, to work through the main teaching content and associated resources. These core modules map on to the content of the MANTRA workbook around which this treatment centres.

Two further modules focus on additional steps you can take to become a MANTRA practitioner and highlight additional applications of MANTRA in different settings and formats, for different populations and with possible adaptations/augmentations.

The online material includes additional optional resources to be used flexibly alongside the module content. You can start and stop the training as needed.

Who is the training for?

There are no set professional qualifications for completing the online MANTRA training, but it will be most useful if you have some experience delivering psychological therapy and working with anorexia nervosa.

The online training is designed to be used in conjunction with the MANTRA workbook.

If you plan to use MANTRA in your clinical practice, we advise the following essential pre-requisites:

  • Training and experience in the delivery of psychological therapy. This would usually include registration with a professional body.
  • Experience working with patients/clients who have eating disorders, including an understanding of the psychological and medical risks associated with eating disorders.
  • Access to clinical supervision to support your work (this does not have to be a MANTRA qualified supervisor, although we strongly recommend this where possible).

It is the responsibility of the therapist to ensure these criteria are met and that local practice and risk management requirements are adhered to throughout.

You can use our MANTRA Readiness Tool to assess how ready you are to learn and use MANTRA in your clinical work.

Access and costs

For NHS therapists

The online training programme is available to NHS therapists at no cost. Click here to register for access.

For other therapists providing free healthcare without funding for training

If you are requesting access from a healthcare service which provides cost free treatment to patients, and you do not have a budget for training, we would be pleased to provide you with free training. Click here to register for access.

For other therapists who have access to funding for training

We are charging a relatively small amount for access to support our costs. We will keep this cost as low as possible to encourage access. The cost is £250 and this will provide you with full access to all materials. By paying for this training you will enable us to continue to offer this service and allow us to provide free access for therapists around the world who do not have any access to funding for training. Click here to register for access.

Certificate of completion

Please note that we do not offer formal accreditation in MANTRA. After completing the online training, you will be able to download a certificate of completion, which indicates you have spent around 10 hours completing the main training course and that you have access to additional training resources. You may be able to use this as part of your continuing professional development but we cannot provide further guidance on this.

Register for online MANTRA training
Online MANTRA training

Looking for MANTRA training courses?

See our training course page for information on our Health Education England MANTRA training and any available upcoming short courses.

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