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An editable MANTRA formulation template

A downloadable, editable template for the different loops making up the MANTRA vicious flower formulation.


More open resources

Treasure J & Schmidt U (2013). Journal of Eating Disorders, 1, 13.

This checklist is designed to help assess how ready you are to deliver MANTRA to your patients. There is also a version for considering how ready your team is to introduce MANTRA as a treatment pathway.

Recommended reading on the origins, evidence base and applications of MANTRA.

This scale can be used to rate the quality of formulation letters written from therapist to patient after completing the MANTRA formulation chapter. It highlights the key areas to consider when writing formulation letters.

This scale can be used to rate therapist adherence and competence when delivering MANTRA. It highlights the key content and style components of the MANTRA model.

Guidance on writing formulation and end of therapy letters in MANTRA. 

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